The Monastery of the Holy Spirit is a community of 28 monks spanning several generations, who live, work and pray together.

Here dwells a community where the age difference between the newest entrance and the most senior monk, Fr. Luke Kot, is 75 years of monastic life. In such a 'city' the sons reap the benefits of their elders' lived experiences and wisdom.
 Once the monk has given his 'Yes' to the Lord's invitation to a life in which God is preferred before all else, he finds in the monastery a setting in which everything is structured to enkindle remembrance of God. The monastic practices foster an awareness of Christ's presence, the deep, abiding sense of His delightful companionship and His will to continue the work of the Father in us. The deep joy and peace experienced are the fruits of this friendship that overflows into the communal life he shares with his brothers.