Mass homilies are usually posted within 24 hours. There are a minimum of three homilies per week given at daily Mass.
Date Speaker Title
January 7, 2023 Fr Cassian To Wonder or to Wonder Not?
January 6, 2023 Dom Augustine Rest in Peace, Good Benedict
January 1, 2023 Fr Peter Damian Mother of God and All of Us
December 31, 2022 Dom Augustine Final Hour
December 29, 2022 Dom Augustine Pierced Hearts Grieve, But Through the Cut Light Gets In
December 27, 2022 Dom Augustine Love and Hate, and Grace That Bears Salvation
December 25, 2022 Dom Augustine Christmas Midnight Mass
December 24, 2022 Fr Peter Damion Overflowing Laud and Joy
December 12, 2022 Fr Cassion Expansion
December 11, 2022 Fr Cassian The Eternal Fulfillment of Unending Desire