Mass homilies are usually posted within 24 hours. There are a minimum of three homilies per week given at daily Mass.
Date Speaker Title
January 25, 2022 Fr Peter Damian Persecuter to Believer to Missionary to Theologian to Mayter to Saint
January 23, 2022 Fr Peter Damian His Declaration and Call
January 22, 2022 Dom Augustine A Matter of Faith and Heart
January 18, 2022 Fr Gerard Opportunities Seized and Missed
January 16, 2022 Fr Gerard Canna and Acts of Love
January 15, 2022 Fr Francis Michael Sinners and the Sinless, or, Help Our Unrepentance
January 14, 2022 Fr Francis Michael Outcasts and Us
January 9, 2022 Fr Francis Michael Christ's Baptism: Revelation of the Trinity"s Love for Us
January 8, 2022 Fr John Fully Human God
January 2, 2022 Fr John Epiphany