The matter of discernment is a crucial step that can help you to discover the future lifestyle Christ wants you to live. The important thing is that you live a life that you, others and God can appreciate it.

An Invitation to Discernment

At the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, we host vocation retreats that allow exploring the monastic lifestyle. Vocation retreats are open to single Catholic men.

What Discernment is All About

Paul Wilkes recalls pondering matters of discernment when, on a whim, he pulled a book off his shelf – a novel he had written. Wilkes opened to a passage that described an earnest but conflicted man who had spent months in prayer and fasting at his hermitage near a monastery, seeking to discern whether to live the monastic way.

After so many women in his life, the man finally meets a vibrant and wonderful woman he thinks to be “the one.” Suddenly, he finds his careful discernment being tossed to the winds. In this particular section, he speaks of “seeking God’s Face,” but the woman tells him instead to look into her face. In agony, he says, “I’m searching for God’s will. I want to do what God has planned for me.”

The woman puts her hands on his cheeks and looks deeply into his frightened eyes.
“God wants what you want,” she answers.

The same goes for you; Christ wants what you want. If there is anything I can do to help clarify what that desire is, I would be very happy to meet with you at the Monastery.

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You can learn more about our life at our American Region’s website. It has a Newcomer’s Guide to Trappist life, Steps to Becoming a Monk or Nun, and much more information about all our Cistercian monasteries in the USA. American Region’s Vocation Website: www.trappists.org

Also visit our own vocation site: olhsvocation.com

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Is the Cistercian Monastic Life for you?

Recommended Readings

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