Monastery Open House - a success

Tuesday, October 4, 2011 - 3:00pm
Category: Monastery News

Saturday, October 1st was one of the special milestones in the history of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. It was a day the brothers along with our many friends in the community, will remember for years to come. The Open House was a huge success. It was a great day with an estimated 1,500+ people in attendance. We achieved our primary objective of making a large number of neighbors aware of what a great destination the Monastery is. Everyone who was able to attend had a great time and will be coming back and telling their friends about their good experience. We think we have gained great experience that will be valuable in making this a successful annual event.

The success of our Grand Open House was due in large part to the efforts of the many volunteers from our neighboring Parish of St Pius X, thanks to Fr John Kieran for his loving support. The worthy Knights of Columbus of Conyers who pitched in with their attentiveness to so many details and tasks that goes into such a large family oriented event. It seems the Knights were everywhere -- with a thousand other chores that would have gone undone without them. We took special care to make the event a children-friendly one, so it was a great joy to see so many families and children enjoying themselves at this festive occasion. "The laughter of children rang across the grounds of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit on Saturday..."

"There are many jewels in the Archdiocese and this is one of them..." 

There are not many things that are free, especially when it comes to family fun. The first Monastery Open House celebrating the New Monastic Heritage Center on Saturday provided an educational and fun-filled experience. There were table displays of vendors focusing on our gift store products as well as arts and crafts. Tractor- pulled wagon hayrides were a big hit as they drove through adjacent monastery fields. Then there was the all time favorite, exotic animal petting zoo that was enjoyed by the young and old alike. The children even had miniature pony rides and other fun stuff. During the activities the local fire department participated with their presence as they parked two fire trucks near the kid's activities area. The children enjoyed the personal care and exhibition given by the firemen. 

Many got to visit the abbey church for the first time as they walked along the prayer walk that connects the contemplative divide between the public gathering place of the festivities, and the more silent areas around the monastery church. For the monks a much appreciated dividing space to secure the contemplative silence and prayerful solitude. . 

Open House Photos

Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers for a great monastery event enjoyed by old and young alike.

The brothers of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit