Monks Celebrate Holy Spirit Monastery’s 75th Jubilee

Thursday, March 21, 2019 - 4:30pm
Category: Monastery News

Today the Monastery of the Holy Spirit celebrated its Diamond Jubilee—the 75th anniversary of its founding. 

Seventy-five years ago monks from Gethsemane Abbey set out for Conyers to establish the Monastery of Our Lady of the Holy Spirit.

The Community and friends celebrated a special mass.  Dom Augustine presided.  In his homily, Abbot Augustine said that ‘we as monks did not come to the monastery because we were already holy, but because we desire are attracted to holiness. Attracted to the person of Jesus Christ".  On this Diamond Jubilee he compared monks to "diamonds in the rough with all our weaknesses—but still diamonds, beautiful diamonds."  He called for the community to look to the future with hope, emphasizing that monasticism will "always have a very significant place in the life of the Church," confident that in the future, as in the past, the community of Holy Spirit Monastery will bear much hidden fruit for the well-being and redemption of the world.