Arabia Mountain Heritage

The Arabia Mountain Heritage Area is one of 49 national heritage areas in the United States. National heritage areas are designated by Congress and are selected based on their natural, cultural and historic resources. Thanks to a large group of dedicated individuals, the Monastery is proud to be a part of this sprawling green space and nationally important site.

Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area is an expansive green space that is the direct result of many years of hard work and dedicated individuals. A few years ago, Mr. Kelly Jordan, the Arabia Mountain Heritage Area Alliance chair, shared his dream of creating a natural surrounding that would protect nearby Arabia Mountain, the South River, and the Monastery. His vision was able to bring together a diverse group of citizens and local governments who formed a coalition to work towards national recognition of a precious piece of Georgia.

In the fall of 2006, the Federal Government signed into law the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area. There are 37 national heritage areas in the United States – a federal designation, which must be approved by Congress. The green space joins 7,000 acres of public and private lands and protects natural and cultural resources, including a part of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit property.

The Monastery has been designated as a key gateway for the Heritage Area, with our property serving as its entrance. Future hopes include the addition of an interpretive Nature Center to educate the public about all the wonders of God’s creation.

Come to Explore: You can now take the family to stroll the Rockdale River Trail. This scenic hike and bike trail that starts at the monastery entrance goes through the monastery woodlands to the 500-foot bridge that spans over the rushing South River waters. Explore the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area:  Over 30 miles of scenic trails that are open to hikers and bikers including this trailhead at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. Thiswill lead to additional information. This is a welcome addition to what the monastery has to offer in sharing our vast green space and serene wooded landscape.
Plan your visit. Explore the website of the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area.

Monastery Plant Life

Explore the diverse plant life at The Monastery of the Holy Spirit catalogued by Botanist Jim Allison.


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