Refectory Cafe

Designed after the monks own refectory there is space for quiet private dining or you can choose to join other guests at one of the large tables where you can share experiences about your visit to the Monastery.

One of our guests favorite rest stops is the Café. Enjoy a beverage, a snack or a light lunch at the wifi enabled Refectory Café. You will find it a quiet, comfortable space and you will be enjoy either the interior designed after the Monasteries own Refectory or the adjacent outdoor garden dinning space. Relax and browse a book or surf the web.

It’s a perfect spot for large groups as well as a cozy place to use the free Wi-Fi as you enjoy a light beverage or snack. Check out the covered patio where you can take in the gardens. You’ll love the warm atmosphere and enjoy a peaceful respite.


Ready to visit the Monastery of the Holy Spirit? We're located just 35 minutes outside of Metro Atlanta in scenic Conyers, Georgia.

Mass and Liturgy Schedules

Prayer services are held 7 times throughout the day beginning with Vigils at 4 a.m. and ending with Compline at 7:30 p.m. Click below for the Monastery’s detailed prayer schedule.