Two Solemn Professions in Consecutive Months

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 - 2:00pm
Category: Monastery News

Holy Spirit Monastery celebrated two solemn professions in the months of January and February, 2012. Br. Hugh Vanasse, OCSO made solemn profession January 26, the Feast of the Cistercian Founders, and Br. Cassian Russell, OCSO, on February 29. Holy Spirit Abbot, Dom Francis Michael, expressed his belief that in all the Worldwide Cistercian Community, "We're the only house to celebrate 2 solemn professions in 2 consecutive months in quite some time." Recalling his solemn profession, Br. Hugh remarked, "There are so many who contributed to this great day--family and friends, our Founders, my patron Bl. Hugh, all those monks who formed me and, all those monks with whom, through the grace of God, I commit to live. I am humbled by the awareness that I owe so much to so many." Br. Cassian commented, "I want to thank everyone for everything they did to make my solemn profession so beautiful--so simple, gracious and joyous. I appreciate the hospitality my community showed to my visiting family and friends. I'm glad I could share this wonderful day in my life with so many who have been instrumental in bringing about this day."

The two solemn professions follow Br. Mario Joseph's temporary profession (as a Junior) in August of 2011. Dom Francis Michael noted that these professions demonstrate both that monasticism is very much alive in the modern age and that Holy Spirit Monastery is a vigorous and enlivened group giving service to God and His Church, the world and the local community.